What is the Best Cheap Crossbow for the Money?

Inferno FuryCrossbow hunting has quickly began a comeback in the hunting community. Many hunters are looking for a more challenging hunt and crossbows provide just that. It takes more skill to get within 50 meters of an animal than it does to shoot one with a rifle from 200 yards away. This forces hunters to become better at tracking, calling, and hiding from what they are hunting.

A quick search for crossbows online will reveal that crossbows can be on the expensive side. Some premium crossbows are priced over $1000, much more than you want to spend to give crossbow hunting a try. This article is going to fill you in on a crossbow that costs just over $100 and performs way above its price range.

The Arrow Precision – Inferno Fury Crossbow

This crossbow matches great price with great quality, making it the perfect choice for beginners who don’t want to make a huge investment yet. This bow is made from quality materials to ensure that it is safe, powerful, and accurate. Those are the three qualities that you look for when purchasing a crossbow


This crossbow is equipped with many of the safety features that other low end crossbows tend to skip to lower cost. These features are extremely important in any crossbow, but especially in a crossbow for a beginner. The first feature we will talk about is the all metal trigger mechanism.

In a crossbow, the string is pulled back into a hook that is then released when you pull the trigger. In cheap crossbows, you typically run into a plastic hook here that is hard to hook the string onto. Even worse, the hook tends to release on its own from time to time because it can’t handle the immense amount of pressure it is supposed to hold.

Another great feature included in the Inferno Fury is the ambidextrous auto safety. The safety is a latch that prevents the trigger from firing while engaged. This is essential in any weapon become it keeps you from accidentally misfiring and risking injury. This safety is automatically on until you are ready to fire the weapon, removing almost any chance of a negligent discharge of your weapon.


Most cheap crossbows that you will find do not pack enough punch to take out anything more than a rabbit. The Inferno Fury defies that stereotype with its 175 pound of draw weight. That 175 pound produces up to an extremely impressive 235 feet per second speed. That speed is something that you typically only see with premium crossbows, not in a $100 model.

That speed is enough to take down medium sized game with ease. This means that you will be able to hunt deer at a decent distance with this price savvy crossbow. This crossbow is much more than just a practice bow used only to shoot at targets in the back yard.


When it comes to crossbow accuracy, there are two important factors that will influence the results. The first factor is the skill of the shooter to be able to keep the crossbow under control while firing. If you are scared of the bow and jerk it while firing, then you will not be able to hit the target with any accuracy.

The other thing that affects the accuracy of the crossbow is how sturdy the unit is. The slightest adjustment to the mechanics of your crossbow can put your shot off by feet on the other end. This crossbow is well built and takes the wear and tear of everyday use. It will take a long time for it to wear to the point where it affects your accuracy.